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     Marble Products, Inc has been a manufacturer in the cast polymer industry for over 30 years.  It has been family owned and operated by the Feltus family since it's inception in 1975.

     We have, in the past, produced material mostly for residential construction, although there were numerous commercial development projects, including hotels, where we manufactured and installed our products.  The amount of product we would produce for residential development per day would typically be comparable to two to three hospitality projects.

     In 2008 we began a serious move towards manufacturing panel designs specifically for the hospitality industry.  We use a propriety blend of material that makes our product stronger, lighter, and easy to fabricate .  Our 50,000 sqft facility, along with modern automation, allows us to produce a very consistant product.  We have the capability to design and build our own molds which very few manufacturers are able to offer.  Quality control of products produced at Marble Products, Inc is our first and foremost priority, and this has allowed us to grow into one of the largest manufacturers of cast polymer in the industry.

     Marble Products, Inc has been a member of ICPA (it's trade organization) for 30 years; the owner, Mike Feltus, has held the position of president of this region.  We have products that are tested and certified by the Commercial Testing Company for fire rating of products.  We also carry a ten year warranty on our entire product line.

     Marble Products, Inc is committed to manufacturing cast polymer panels as well as shower pans, tubs, vanity tops, and accessory items for the Hospitality Industry.  Our list of satisfied customers continues to grow each and every year.